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Metal Gear Stupid

Finding the stupidness of the series

Making fun of what we love
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Metal Gear Stupid: a place where we can sit back and relax and poke fun at those we love. I cannot stress enough that this is NOT an anti MG/MGS community. I LOVE the series. I LOVE The Big Boss and Solid Snake and have a soft spot for Liquid Snake and Meryl is teh CUTE and David Hayter is Naked Snake/Solid Snake. PERIOD. Well, their English voices, anyway.

Kojima-sama doesn't take himself overly seriously. You'll notice that with the secret theatre in the two-disc special edition of Snake Eater. And you KNOW the scripts to the games, espcially to Snake Eater. Major Tom? If you don't know David Bowie, you won't get it. And come ON!! Naked Snake?? Seriously!! And hello!! PRESS R1, people, and LOOK AT WHAT NAKED SNAKE IS LOOKING AT!!

The FIRST one is more serious and that there isn't that many jokes and dialogue to poke fun at or to poke fun at the characters. All right, Grey Fox got a bit creepy when he was begging Solid Snake to hurt him and you can tell that Solid Snake got all of his Dad's perverted DNA. How so? Go to first person view and look at Meryl's chest. She gets all flustered.

With the second one, Kojima-sama and team went AWAY from being overly serious. Look who they used as their main character. Go into random lockers with the pictures of the ladies and press R1. See what I mean? Not only that, while you're playing as Solid Snake, stare at a picture of a lady and call Otakon. He'll get right pissed. :P Also, as Raiden, go to the bathroom and look at the toilet and call Campbell. Oh and go into the women's bathroom, too. Do the same and Campbell and Rose will get right pissed. And you can hear Rose like totally question Raiden's sexuality. And speaking of Campbell, you'll hear him get annoyed with Rose because she keeps calling Raiden Jack and she's not supposed to but she doesn't listen. And speaking of her, when you have to go rescue the President, do the cartwheel move and kick the hostages and see what happens. After, call Rose and try to save your game. After the fight with aww crap. I can't remember WHICH Snake now!! In the plane, Vamp pays a visit. Solidus, right? Anywho, when I remember, I'll say so. Anyway, try NOT to get noticed but if you do, wait until the alert is finished. You'll hear a solider speak and that he has to go. Walk right under him. There are tear jerker moments, though. Emma, for one.

And here we have Snake Eater, probably the LESS serious of the series. Oh, it has its moments (The End, Naked Snake getting worried about EVA, he not wanting to kill The Boss, the ending etc.) but it's mostly close to pee your pants funny. Naked Snake doesn't like Dracula. "DON'T say it," Naked Snake growled to Para-Medic. Naked Snake meets EVA. Look to the upper right hand corner of the screen: press R1. If you don't, you'll be able to see Jack grin. "Yablo-what now?" Oh and it's his DESTINY to be in that box. Oh and it's funny when he gets bored when Para-Medic gets into the specifics of what she's describing to him. She gets all miffed. He WAS listening.. kind of. "So, how does it taste?" He says that OFTEN. The Russian Glowcaps. Oh MAN!! Raikov? He'll make you go O.o Volgin said, "I've been waiting for you in my room" to Raikov. O.O And he and Volgin sure do love crotch grabbing.

I won't spoil the whole series (well, up to now) because it's a fun series. Yes, there are some spoilers but I didn't give away TOO much information.

So why "Metal Gear Stupid" for the name of the community? Insert disk two of the Snake Eater SE and go to the secret theatre. You'll see.

So, as you can see, Hideo-sama does NOT take himself too seriously. A LOT of work is done on the series and I appreciate their hard work no end.

This community is for those of us who want to just pick on those we love and to laugh at the script and anything else we see fit. And, of course, there are some rules to follow:

Do. Not. TROLL

No flaming of any member. I ban you the moment I see you berate any member. Characters? Yes, but not overly insulting. Just fun jabs. Trust me. I poke fun at Naked Snake all the TIME

Don't come in here and try to tell us that we're disrespecting Kojima-sama and are not fans of the series. Did you not play any of the games? Did you not read what I said in the info? Obviously not

When posting pictures (keep them CLEAN), please keep them behind the cut

Plugging of any community/site about anything in the series is allowed. Hell!! If you have a site dedicated to the Genome soliders, go ahead and plug it

You may swear but don't use a swear word as your every second word

No plugging of anything adult oriented

Do not go against LJ's TOS

Feel free to post up fanart and fanfiction. Keep everything PG.

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